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Skill Scheme



To facilitate Skill Development Training in broad conformance to the Common Norms (enclosed) for upgradation of technical and entrepreneurial skills through Govt.  Training Institutes/organizations, Sector Skill Councils constituted by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and such reputed Training Institutes affiliated to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and/or Sector Skill Council (SSCs) and have entered into MOU with NBCFDC, so that eligible members of target group may engage in developmental activities by way of self-employment or wage employment.




Training may be provided to the target group of NBCFDC who are specifically categorized and certified as under:

(A) Beneficiaries should belong to either a caste categorized as OBC under State and/or Central Govt. list with annual family income below Rs. 3.00 Lakh or communities categorized as De-Notified, Semi-Nomadic & Nomadic Tribes (DNTs) or to category of Economically Backward Classes (EBCs) or be Sr. Citizens or Transgender or Member of Beggars’ Community or Victim of Substance Abuse .

(B) In case of OBC, the caste categorization under OBC may be confirmed to be appearing in Centre list at website or the designated State Govt. list. Annual Family income from all sources should be below Rs.3.00 Lakhs.

(C) In case of EBCs, there will be no caste certificate required, however, Annual Family income from all sources should be below Rs.1.00 Lakh.

(D) For compliance of annual family income as defined at b) and c) above, the Annual Family income certificate issued by the appropriate authority of the State Government or self-certified and duly endorsed by a Gazetted officer as defined by the appropriate government will be acceptable. It is explicitly clarified that endorsement by public representatives, Gram Pradhan, Sarpanch, Councilor, notaries etc. will not be acceptable. 

(E) In case of DNT Community, given their extremely deprived & migratory nature, exemption has been given for insistence of caste certificate, income certificate, proof of age and permanent address. In absence of this, the training providers can take undertaking in the form of self-declaration of the candidate of his/her specific caste, date of birth and address alongwith the endorsement by the local Pradhan of the Community/Cluster to this effect. It would require to be, however, confirmed by the training provider that the caste of the candidate comes under the DNT category as defined in the Annexure-VII of the DNT Commission Report. There will be no income criteria for DNTs.

(F) In case of Senior Citizen, the age of person should be 60 years or above. Age should be authenticated through valid proof viz. certificate of educational qualification, Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Driving License etc. There will be no caste or income criteria for Sr. Citizens.

(G) In case of transgender, exemption has been given for caste category and income limit. The member of transgender community needs to obtain certificate of identity issued by District Magistrate based on recommendation of a District Screening Committee, which will comprise the Chief Medical Officer, District Social Welfare Officer, Psychologist or psychiatrist and a representative of transgender community.

(H) In case of Beggars, the person as defined in The Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, 1959 should be:

i.   Soliciting or receiving alms, in a public place whether or not under any pretence such as singing, dancing, fortune telling, performing tricks or offering any article for sale;

ii.  entering any private premises for the purpose of soliciting or receiving alms;

iii. exposing or exhibiting, with the object of obtaining or extorting alms, any sore, wound injury, deformity or disease whether of a human being or of an animal;

iv. having no visible means of subsistence and wandering about or remaining in any public place in such condition or manner, as makes it likely that the person doing so exists by soliciting or receiving alms;

v. allowing oneself to be used as an exhibit for the purpose of soliciting or receiving alms

​​​​​​​(I) In case of victims of substance abuse, any certificate issued by treatment clinic, Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA) may be accepted.

​​​​​​​(J) Minimum age should be 18 Years at the time of assessment/certification except for Sr. Citizens

​​​​​​​(K) In the case of migrant population, Income & Caste Certificates issued by their State of original domicile will be acceptable.

​​​​​​​Note: Eligibility criteria will be broadly as stipulated vide relevant Govt. guidelines directives issued/communicated from time to time


3. AGE


The training are to be normally imparted to persons of target group who are of 18 Years and above on date of completion of assessment/certification. However, in special case such as hereditary artisanal trades, training may be imparted to beneficiaries less than 18 years of age subject to the limits defined in the respective Qualification packs and based on justification of the SSC/TI.




As per common norms issued by MSDE from time to time. (As appended)


i. Fresh:  Minimum 200 Hrs. and/or as per National Occupation Standard (NOS)

ii.Skill Up-gradation (including Reskilling, RPL) : 32-80 Hrs.



All skill development courses offered under the scheme must broadly conform to the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).




i. 100% of the total training cost or course fee of the training programme will be provided by NBCFDC.


ii. Stipend – Beneficiaries of skill training programme of NBCFDC are from socio-economic disadvantaged sections of the society comprise a special group. Accordingly, to cover the aspect of Boarding & lodging, travel costs as also other benefits for special area groups, the stipend amount @ Rs. 1000/- per month per trainee will be admissible for Fresh Courses subject to availability of funds with NBCFDC. Non- residential trainees having 80% and above attendance during the training programme will be eligible for stipend as a reimbursement for the to and fro travel from the training centre. The stipend will be disbursed through DBT by the SSCs/Training Institutes to the eligible trainees at the end of training programme in terms of clause 5.2 of Schedule I of Common Norms.

For reskilling & RPL payment to candidate will be as incorporated in MSDE norms.

No stipend will be admissible in case of Residential Programmes.




7.1. The Skill Development will be got carried out through following categories of institutes, councils and training partners following the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) and complying to the Common Norm

a. The Institute under the aegis of Central Government & State Government.

b. Sector Skill Councils – who sign MOAs with NBCFDC

c. Credible Training Partners, having good past track record, registered with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and/or Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) especially in areas of skilling including where the concerned SSCs do not have working relations with NBCFDC or are not found to be proactive.

7.2. To help fulfill the mandate of Corporation of promoting self-employment and sustainable livelihood of OBCs, training may also be got conducted by State Channelizing Agencies especially in disturbance prone areas such as J&K, North East etc. and Training Institute of Channel Partner Banks.

7.3. The award of training to above categories of institutes/councils/training partners will be made based on proposals received from them which will normally be by way of request for proposals issued by the Corporation.




8.1. The training institute/SSCs will initially submit list of eligible mobilized candidates for proposed training programme along with original minutes of the meeting of selection committee, mode of publicity and demand of funds.

8.2. The Training Institutes/SSCs need to accept the terms & conditions of Letter of Intent (LOI) issued by NBCFDC.  The receipt of Letter of Intent signed by Training Providers will construe as the sanction which will be valid for ongoing financial year only.

8.3. The programme should commence within one month from date of release of first instalment of sanctioned amount which will be released proportionately for the numbers of selected trainees.




Skill Development training costs under NBCFDC scheme will be paid at the rates as given in SCHEDULE-I of Common Norms as issued by MSDE in respect of each trainee who successfully completes the training and is assessed and certified by third party as per govt. guidelines




The sanctioned amount of Training Cost will be released in two installments of 50% each. Additionally the stipend amount paid to the beneficiaries as also a part of the assessment charges, also be reimbursed.


​​​​​​​10.1. First Installment of 50% of the sanctioned amount will be released proportionately (as part of 30% advance payment as stipulated in the Common Norms and to additionally cover the expenses for payment of stipend and/or accommodation charges etc. in case of residential training) on receipt of the following documents:

i.  list of trainees alongwith acceptance of sanction letter and terms & conditions for the same as appended (signature & Stamp of authorized signatory should be put on each page)

ii. Original Minutes of Selection Committee meeting duly signed & stamped by its members following point no. iv of General Terms & Conditions

iii. Demand for release as per list submitted in Annexure I.

iv. Mode of Publicity/Copies of Advertisements with details of Newspapers with Dates.

v.  Undertaking (Annexure-II)

vi. List of Training Institutes/Partners for each location with Skype ID/Mobile No. and details of contact person and complete postal address be given alongwith center-wise/districtwise list of trainees


​​​​​​​10.2. Second Installment of 50%  of sanctioned amount and stipend amount, if applicable, will be released on receipt of following:

i. List of successful trainees along with complete details of each trainee with certified attendance sheets (bio-metric) for each Centre.

ii. Annexure III to IV duly filled in all respects (Attached)

iii. Utilization Certificate on GFR 12-A (for the Ist installment) alonwith statement of Expenditure Annexure -V duly certified by Head of Institute & Chartered Accountant. (Attached)

iv. Details of disbursement of stipend through DBT, if any, duly certified by authorized signatory.(format attached)

v.  Photographs of each training programme of the candidates (in group) and in working posture.

vi. Analytical Statement of feedback forms.

vii. a) Proof of placement of minimum 70% of the candidates in wage/self -employment alongwith details of their wages per month and contact details with address of companies where they are placed and be uploaded on the website of the Training Institute.

b) In case of re-skilling, the clause 4.2 of Common Norms be adhered to.

viii. In case of self-employment, the Training Institute/Sector Skill Council should provide the details of mode of self-employment through NBCFDC loans/Self Finance/Bank loans etc., if any.

ix. Registration of Job Portal and Entry of Trainees Data

a. Training Institutes/Sector Skill Councils have to register on the Job Portal

b. The User IDs and Passwords entered will be approved by NBCFDC

c. Trainees details will be entered by Training Institutes/Sector Skill Councils on the Portal


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​10.3Payment & Reimbursement of Stipend to Beneficiaries

Stipend amount for fresh training courses as mentioned in Letter of Intent will be released on submission of proof of transfer of stipend to the eligible candidates (having 80% attendance) through digital means.




i. In case of no. of trainees successfully completing the training is lesser than the no. of trainees for which sanction was accorded and funds released, then the amount proportionate in respect of such lesser number would be adjusted in the release of final installment.


ii. NBCFDC reserves the right to withhold the payment of the balance amount and wherever deemed appropriate and demand refund of the first installment with Bank interest, if the SSCs/Training Institute  found to have misled NBCFDC by submitting incorrect information or deliberately suppressing relevant information. NBCFDC may consider to blacklist such Training Providers and inform the funding agencies of Central Govt. / State Govt.



Representative of NBCFDC shall have the right to inspect the account books, records of SSCs and interaction with the trainees as well as with the trainer and officials  of Training  Institute/SSCs/TPs. 

NBCFDC may also interact telephonically or Skype/Video Conferencing with the trainees before, during and after the training to assess the quality and status of the training programme/trainees.




Will be available as per need within Common Norms subject to availability of funds.




14.1. To ensure independent and unbiased assessment and certification of trained candidates, the Training Institute will be required to arrange for assessment and certification as per Govt. guidelines. Accordingly the NBCFDC funds will be released for the successful trainees only.

14.2. Assessment charges will be shared, subject to availability of funds, only if the Training programme under NBCFDC scheme is completed within 8 months of sanction of training programmes during financial year. NBCFDC will bear the cost of assessment charges of the training conducted as per the details below:

i. For Fresh training                 -           Rs. 600/- per trainees (maximum)

ii. For Reskilling                       -           Rs. 400/- per trainee (maximum)

The above will be applicable only for one-time assessment. Reassessment charges if incurred by SSC/ TI will not be reimbursed by NBCFDC.

14.3. The assessment charges will be released on submission of the following documents:

i.   Bill from SSC/TIs

ii.  Bill submitted by Assessment Agency to SSC/TI along with original assessment report

iii. Proof of transfer of assessment charges in the account of Assessment agency

iv. Copy of assignment of work to Assessment Agency

v.  Proof of affiliation of Assessment Agency with SSC/TI.




Selection Committee for selection of eligible candidates will be formed at local and comprising of

a. representative of State Channelizing Agency/RRB/Nationalized Bank

b. representative of Social Welfare Dept./Collector Office/Govt. officials from Distt. Administrations.

c. representatives from concerned Industry

d. representative from training institute/SSC/Training Partner

e. representative of NBCFDC


*Atleast 3 members from above should be present in the meeting of selection committee

Transparent system of selection of trainees need to be adopted by the Training Providers.


Preference be given to female applicants of target group. 




The NBCFDC shall have access to an open, common and extensive data of SSCs/TIs to ensure NBCFDC IT systems can import data for its job portal.

The training institutes will track the trainees as per Govt. guidelines from the date of completion/certification of training with respect to their career progression, retention and other parameters.



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